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Hospital Bag

What is a Hospital Bag?

A hospital bag is what you prepare when you're going to the hospital to have a baby. Its filled with items to make your stay in the hospital a more relaxed and enjoyable time. You've got enough to think about when you're at the hospital.
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Why do I need a Hospital Bag?

Having a hospital bag is critical in preparing you for your time in the hospital. Only 5% of women deliver their baby on their predicted due date. Prenancy due date calculators are as accurate as they can be, and most women do have their baby within 2 weeks on either side of their predicted due date. What does this mean to you? Get prepared early and draw from the experience of others when deciding what to pack.

What should I pack in my Hospital Bag?

We've divided your items into four categories: Non-personal items for you, (i.e. underwear), non-personal items for you (i.e. icepack), items for your baby, and items for your partner.

Non-personal Items For You

The following non-personal items are almost all included in LaborKit™.
  • birthplan (rembmer to fill it out)
  • contact list
  • notepad and pen
  • breast pads
  • water bottle
  • icepack
  • thank you cards
  • Lanolin Cream
  • breath mints
  • hand/body cream
  • lip balm
  • 10 newborn diapers
  • disposable camera
  • preggie pop drops

Personal Items For You

  • your health insurance card
  • magazines or books
  • a picture or other object you can use as a focal point during labor
  • a portable stereo and music to listen to during labor
  • toiletries (toothbrush and paste, contact lenses, deodorant, shampoo)
  • comb, brush, and elastics for long hair
  • pajamas, underwear, bra's etc.
  • loose-fitting outfit to wear home

For Your Baby

  • name and contact information for your baby's healthcare provider
  • outfit for baby to wear home
  • receiving blankets and warm blanket
  • diapers (10 are included in your laborkit)

For Your Partner

  • a change or comfortable clothes
  • pajamas, if staying overnight
  • toiletries
For a full comprehensive and printable list of items, visit Hospital Bag.

When should I pack my Hospital Bag?

Its best to pack your hospital bag earlier than later. As mentioned above, you never know when you're actually going to deliver your baby. There is no upside to waiting.
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